Developing a chatbot for sales and marketing

Project overview

This project was conducted for my company LukyLab as part of a journey to learn new AI technologies.

Project duration

May 2018 — September 2021

The product

LukyBot was a chatbot available 24/7 and designed as a sales manager who was explaining LukyLab services and collecting leads for potential clients.

The problem

Using just static content to present a company and demonstrate its capabilities might not be enough to make potential clients interested in company services.

The goal

Design a conversation and develop a chatbot that would explain how LukyLab is helping clients and collect leads.

My role

Conversation designer and developer of a chatbot.


  • Conversation design.
  • Development of the application itself.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Legal docs.

The result

Lukybot was integrated with the LukyLab company website, Facebook Messenger and Slack. Using conversation, it explained LukyLab's services, history, projects, and collected leads for potential clients.

Creating chatbots is fun, and they could bring real value to users, because they can be available 24/7 to solve their issues.

I created other chatbots and this hands-on experience helped me when I was working as a contractor on chatbots and voicebots for T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom.